How far from a building does a septic tank/treatment plant need to be?

29 Jan, 2019


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Mr Smith from Basingstoke

Question: How far does a septic tank need to be from a building?

Answer: As far as building regulations are concerned here is what they say:

“Septic tanks should be sited at least 7m from any habitable parts of buildings, and preferably downslope.”

As for the soakaway/drainage field this should be as follows

  1. at least 10m from any watercourse or permeable drain;
  2. at least 50m from the point of abstraction of any groundwater supply and not in any Zone 1 groundwater protection zone;
  3. at least 15m from any building;
  4. sufficiently far from any other drainage fields, drainage mounds or soakaways so that the overall soakage capacity of the ground is not exceeded.

Hope this answers your question Mr Smith

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